MeetKai Functionary

Function Calling LLM for Practical Applications
January 8, 2024

MeetKai has been a trailblazer in the conversational AI landscape since our inception in 2018. Initially branded as "A Conversational Intelligence Company," we've evolved significantly over the years. Our journey has seen us scale up our models to achieve greater generality - but this past year we tried something different. Instead of focusing on general LLMs, we concentrated on function calling as the cornerstone for powering our conversational applications? Today, we unveil our open-source LLM, Functionary. 

What is Functionary?

Functionary is a state-of-the-art language model designed to interpret and execute functions or plugins. What sets it apart is its inherent ability to determine when to activate a function, understand its output, and only trigger functions when truly necessary. Our vision for Functionary is singular and focused – it's crafted exclusively for function calling. Function calling enables radically differentiated applications, setting it apart from the conventional use of language models for “write me a poem” style prompts or generic tasks. 

Why Functionary?

Functionary empowers LLMs by enabling interactions with the “outside world” beyond the frozen internal knowledge base the model was trained on. This is imperative for any personal or enterprise applications that require up-to-date information and external productivity tools. Large-scale models like GPT-4, while comprehensive, can be slow and expensive, resembling a 'jack of all trades' approach. In contrast, Functionary offers a targeted solution, delivering faster and more cost-effective inference, with accuracy superior to GPT-3.5 and rapidly approaching GPT-4. 

Drop-in Compatibility

To ensure widespread adoption and ease of use, Functionary is API-compatible to allow seamless migration for anyone using OpenAI's platform. Developers can effortlessly integrate Functionary into their systems, call real Python functions and extract results for responsive interactions. With robust support for platforms like PyTorch and vLLM, and tools like chatlab, integrating Functionary into your applications is going to be a breeze. 

The Metaverse and MeetKai’s Vision

At MeetKai, we’re shaping a future where the metaverse transcends being merely a digital realm - we see it as an integral extension of our reality.  To realize this vision, we’ve been leveraging AI to create hyper-specific worlds, allowing users and developers alike to craft their unique experiences. Functionary stands as a beacon of our commitment to this mission. Its ability to enhance AI-human interactions will propel metaverse experiences to unprecedented heights.

As we continue our journey in building the metaverse, Functionary will play a pivotal role in ensuring AI-human interactions are as real and intuitive as possible. Its real-time reasoning capabilities, powered by MeetKai’s Cloud AI, will offer users a level of immersion previously deemed unattainable. 

The Road Ahead

The launch of Functionary is just the beginning. We’re already working on training more advanced versions of the model, ensuring faster inference times, and integrating it across our platform for a holistic approach to LLM use cases. As we forge ahead, we invite developers, innovators, and visionaries to join us in shaping the future of applied Generative AI.