The all-encompassing platform to build the metaverse

We enable seamless metaverse experiences from any web-browser compatible device.
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Next generation custom worlds

MeetKai builds bespoke worlds that enhance reality – and don’t suck.
True Realism
Experience hyper-specific, real spaces with just the right amount of digital magic mixed in.
Any Experience
We’ll lend you our expertise to build out any experience you can imagine.

Launched worlds

MeetKai bespoke web-browser-based metaverse for

Platform to build out your own worlds

Want to do it yourself? You can with MeetKai’s builder
Low cost, high quality
We leverage AI to allow for easy virtual space building without complicated, costly tooling.
Always-online editor
Build collaboratively and in real time for both personal and corporate projects.

Virtualize the real world

Digital twin creation for the metaverse with MeetKai's reality viewer
Real to 3D
Digitize physical spaces to create instant 3D replicas using your phone.
Ease and efficiency
Bring objects and spaces from the real world into the metaverse without specialized scanning or 3D modeling.

Powered by MeetKai's Virtual Intelligence

MeetKai's Cloud AI increases metaverse immersion by facilitating AI-human interactions using first-in-the-industry, real time reasoning capabilities
We're all VIPs
The first cloud offering to enable domain-specific, knowledge-driven Virtual Intelligence Personas (VIPs).
Optimize Interaction
VIPs can leverage any form of multimedia to instantly interact with end users, at a fraction of the cost and 10x the speed.

Works on any device, any browser

The MeetKai Difference

Here's what sets us apart:
Rooted in reality
Not pixel streaming
Global reach 50M+ users
Cloud, ads, and experiences integrated
Deep technology & AI driven
Browser based
Hardware/Software agnostic

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