Built On MeetKai Metaverse
MeetKai developed a unique approach to virtual reality, leveraging AI-powered technology and running entirely in the web browser, without the need for pixel streaming. 
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Build your own worlds

Use MeetKai Editor to drag and drop assets and create your own spaces and virtual stores.
Low cost, high quality
We leverage AI to allow for easy virtual space building without complicated, costly tooling.
Always-online editor
Build collaboratively and in real time for both personal and corporate projects.
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Digital Ecosystem

Monetize your world by letting users purchase in-world coins and use them to buy both physical and digital goods, access exclusive content, and more.
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Ecommerce & Gamification

Create exciting and social games for your customers to stay, engage, and explore.
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Digital Twins

Create Digital Twins to offer mixed reality retail experiences, virtual tours, and specialized remote training.
Ease and efficiency
Bring objects from the real world into a virtual space without specialized scanning or 3D modeling.
Realistic 3D
Details matter. Create hyper-realistic, monetizable replicas of your products.
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Multimedia & Live Streaming

MeetKai's sophisticated video delivery system enables users to watch movies, access exclusive content, deliver video ads, and more – all inside the web.
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Engaging Social Experiences

In the immersive web, players can, players can use spatial audio, text, webcam integration, custom avatar solutions, and detect friends in the world opting to spawn in the same space.