try asking kai:

“Show me a Movie with Will Smith that’s not Men in Black”

Ready for some fun?

MeetKai is the best way to search using your natural voice & tone. Instead of talking like a machine by saying "Find Chinese restaurants", tap on Kai and ask "Recommend a nearby Chinese restaurant". This is how specific you can actually get!


Search & stream movies or shows:

"Find me a movie to stream"
“I want to watch a movie with Jim Carrey.”
“Do you have an action movie?”
 “What is a good TV show to watch?”


find new restaurants:

“Show me a good bakery nearbyt.”
 “I want to eat at a restaurant with good pizza.”
“Where can I get tacos in Marina Del Rey?”
 “I want to order sushi.”


Discover new recipes:

“Find me a recipe with veggies and garlic.”
“I want to cook a 30-minute Italian meal for dinner.”
 “Show me a gluten-free dessert.”
“I need a breakfast recipe to cook this weekend.”


stay current

“Show me the latest climate change news”.
“Show me some news from Italy”.
"Can you read it to me?"
"Can you show me an article from The Wall Street Journal?"


Live forecasts, 24/7

“Will it rain soon?”
“What’s the weather in my city?”
“Will it be sunny tomorrow?”
 “What’s tonight’s temperature”
“Show me tomorrow’s weather”

How to talk to Kai




"Recommend a nearby Chinese restaurant”


“Show me an action movie with Tom Cruise that's not Mission Impossible”


“I need a 15 minute recipe for dinner”


“Show me some Covid news”


What’s the weather nearby?”
"What's 5+5?”
“How far from here to New York?”
“Is Michael B. Jordan single?”
“Should I propose?”
“Is this poison ivy?”

Want to try something more advanced?

Kai can remember the context of your questions to filter or add more information to your original request! Try “Show me a restaurant in Santa Monica” and follow up with “How about Italian?”