top 10 Chinese recipes

  • Chinese Shrimp Wonton

    Chinese Shrimp Wonton

    Chinese shrimp wonton.

  • Chinese Pork Rib Tips

    Chinese Pork Rib Tips

    Chinese-style sweet and sour pork rib tips.

  • Chinese Pork Buns

    Chinese Pork Buns

    These Chinese BBQ pork buns are famous around the world! When you follow the tips and techniques in this recipe, you'll be rewarded with…

  • Chinese Chicken Salad from Stevia In The Raw®

    Chinese Chicken Salad from Stevia In The Raw®

    Chinese chicken salad complete with a sweet dressing using Stevia In The Raw.

  • Chinese Steamed Buns with Meat Filling

    Chinese Steamed Buns with Meat Filling

    This Chinese Steamed Bun recipe has a meat and vegetable filling. The filling is best if allowed to rest in the refrigerator overnight. Use…

  • Chinese Sizzling Rice Soup

    Chinese Sizzling Rice Soup

    Chinese is one of my favorite cuisines to cook as well as eat. By cooking the rice before it is added to the soup, you will enjoy the…

  • Chinese Chicken Casserole Surprise

    Chinese Chicken Casserole Surprise

    Chinese-style ingredients like almonds, water chestnuts, mushrooms, celery and chow mein noodles combine with a creamy broth, soup and milk…

  • Chinese Steamed Daikon Cake

    Chinese Steamed Daikon Cake

    A traditional Chinese New Year favorite, this classic dish can also be enjoyed throughout the year. This is my adaptation of my…

  • Chinese Five-Spice Ginger Cake

    Chinese Five-Spice Ginger Cake

    The exotic Asian flavor will surprise everyone's taste buds. I tried a similar cake when I was living in the US. It is definitely an…

  • Chinese Chicken Vegetable Soup

    Chinese Chicken Vegetable Soup

    We had a Chinese restaurant that made two soups that I loved how they tasted. When they went out of business, we looked for someone else…