AI Advertising

Use AI to transform the way you speak to your audience with Geospatial Ads, Metaverse Ads, and Analytics for Ads by MeetKai.

Metaverse Ads

Become an early adopter and captivate millions of users through native product placements and experiential marketing activations, integrated seamlessly into the metaverse.
Immersive Virtual Worlds
Harness the power of impossible marketing experiences inside our browser-based metaverse worlds.
Boost Your Reach
Tap into the curiosity of our millions of visitors and position your brand at the forefront of the AI revolution.
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Geospatial Ads

We use advanced AI to analyze user behavior and craft tailored experiences that resonate with your target audience. Our Geospatial Ads can boost your brand awareness and drive new, meaningful connections.
Location-specific Experiences
Access 75 million active users across the globe with personalized, location-specific ads that drive engagement and solid conversions.
Use our AI services across smartphones, EV infotainment systems, and IoT devices – including voice assistant, maps, and search apps.

Ad Analytics

In addition to tracking performance metrics, we leverage the power of AI to provide recommendations and insights that help advertisers refine their campaigns for exceptional results.
Comprehensive Insights
Track your ad spend, performance, user insights, and location-specific data. 
Data-driven Decision
Use our user-friendly interface and data visualization tools to make informed decisions and optimize your advertising strategies.